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panels.jpg Ultrastar Cleanroom Panels
ducted.jpg Ultrastar Ducted Terminal Modules (HEPA & ULPA)
replaceable.jpg Ultrastar Replaceable Terminal Modules
pharma.jpg Ultrastar Pharma-Replaceable Terminal Modules
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Dafco Filtration Group designs a full range of Cleanroom filter products to meet the needs of cleanroom applications, Original Equipment Manufactures and design engineers. The product line ranges from cleanroom panels, ducted modules, terminal modules and fan powered units.

Filters range in efficiencies from 99.99 % (HEPA) at .3 micron to 99.995% (ULPA) at .12 micron. All filters are manufactured and tested in a cleanroom environment to ensure the highest level of performance and cleanliness. All filters are subject to an efficiency test and probe scan in accordance with IES-RP-CC-001.3.

Cleanroom filters are commonly used in filtration applications for the pharmaceutical, medical, semiconductor, microelectronic, biotechnology and surgical rooms.

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