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Pocket Filters

Pocket Filters

Dafco Filtration Group offers an extended surface bag filter in synthetic and fiberglass media. Both types are constructed with a unique spanned stitching, which optimizes pocket configuration for minimum resistance and maximum dust holding capacity.

An optional Ultrasonic Weld synthetic pocket filter is available which provides a superior reduced sealing area for lower initial and overall resistance as will as eliminating the possibility of air by-pass.

  • Available in 45%, 65%, 85%, and 95% efficiencies
  • Available in standard depths of 12. 22, 29, 36 inches
  • Durable soft-edged j-channel frame
  • Various pocket configurations available based on airflow.

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Pocket Filters

Literature - Pocket Filters

Fiberglass Pocket Filters

Literature - Fiberglass Pocket Filter

Submittal Drawing - Fiberglass Pocket

RHINO Pocket Filter

The Aerostar Rhino Pocket high efficiency air filter is constructed with a very heavy and durable synthetic media that resists tearing or failing during handling and while installed. The Rhino Pocket is designed to be used in all HVAC applications and is specially suited for constant velocity and most variable air volume (VAV) systems.

The Rhino Pocket can handle nearly any environment: 100% relative humidity, turbulent air flow, intermittent exposure to water, repeated fan shutdowns, desert and marine installations.

  • Thermally bonded fibers which do not promote antimicrobial growth
  • Continuously bonded synthetic material which minimizes or eliminates particle shedding
  • Low initial pressure drop compared to other pocket filters
  • High initial efficiency compared to other pocket filters
  • Available in MERV 11, 15


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